A corporate citizen

SCP manages water resources in an economical and respectful way, and helps turn the problem of drought into a development asset by ensuring that all customers receive the volume of water they require. To achieve this, SCP adheres to some simple principles :


limiting water extraction to that which is strictly necessary,

Throughout its history, Canal de Provence has shown genuine innovation in the design of its infrastructures : by distributing pressurised water « on request », and by using « dynamic regulation » to control flow in its general infrastructures, thus ensuring that the quantity of water extracted perfectly matches the precise needs of the user. Changes in land occupation and water use, and further development of infrastructures and networks have led SCP to continuously improve its methods and tools in terms of design, control and operation.

encouraging customers to use water responsibly,

SCP’s water pricing policy, which is based on both volumes delivered (proportional part) and discharge subscribed (fixed part), is naturally its primary means of encouraging consumers to use water more responsibly. This pricing policy has recently been modified to take account of changes in the use of water and in demand.

advising customers on best practices regarding water use,

SCP sends periodic information letters to all its customers to advise them on efficient water use.

The company has developed and implemented tools which allow farmers to focus on "increasing efficiency" rather than "decreasing volumes" of water used.

Over the past three decades, and in partnership with the agricultural sector, SCP has conducted experiments on the water needs of crops and irrigation control methods. It offers advice on the choice of equipment, and provides an irrigation-alert service through its website.

increasing awareness of water issues among young people,

developing partnerships and participating in the debate on water management in Provence, France, and worldwide.