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Technical assistance for rehabilitation of the Stung Chinit irrigation scheme

  • Client : Ministry Of Water Resources And Meteorology.
  • End of project : 2006.
  • Description of project : Located in the central region of Kompong Thmor, 200 km from Phnom Penh, this scheme covers an area of 7,000 ha of irrigable land dedicated to rice growing. Irrigation should guarantee a second annual harvest, and ideally lead to the development of alternative crops.
  • Brief description of services provided : Review of the distribution system under consideration, with a view to providing irrigation water in line with farmers’ demands.
  • Conducted in partnership with : SOGREAH, GRET.


Feasibility study for modernizing the peri-urban area network for the Istres canal water users' associations

  • Client : Istres canal water users' associations.
  • End of project : 2010.
  • Description of project : improving operations on the Boisgelin-Craponne canal by creating a system of flow measurements and transmission, then implementing remote controlled gate valves at the head of secondary canals.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • technical study of flow measuring system and transmission to a central web server to circulate data,
    • elaboration of company tender documents, analysis of offers,
    • supervision of works,
    • reception and treatment of reserves,
    • monitoring of the selected company for twice-yearly operation and maintenance missions.

Recalibration for the Huveaune intercommunal association

  • Client : La Penne sur Huveaune.
  • End of project : 2008.
  • Description of project : submission of declaration of general interest for the Huveaune maintenance and restoration program.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • characterization of the catchment area,
    • operational diagnosis of Huveaune,
    • planning of maintenance and restoration program,
    • preparation and submission of a declaration of general interest and water act authorization.

Since 1971 – Dynamic Regulation for SCP

  • Design, implementation, operation, maintenance and development of a centralised automatic control system (Dynamic Regulation) for a large, multi-purpose water distribution system (canals, galleries, reservoirs, pressure lines) - 40 m3/s head discharge

Verdon / Saint Cassien water transfer project

  • Client : Société du Canal de Provence.
  • End of project : 2013.
  • Description of project : Construction of an underground raw-water conveyor, 75 km in length and 1,100 / 900 / 800 / 700 mm in diameter ; construction of an intake on a gravity-fed canal, and of an intermediate reserve. Creation of parallel distribution networks over 40 km – remote management installations.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • feasibility studies,
    • environmental impact studies,
    • handling of administrative procedures (Bouchardeau public inquiry, EIA, CNPN derogation, preventive archaeology, town-planning authorisations, etc.),
    • negotiation of agreements with land-owners : amicable settlements and administrative procedures,
    • geotechnics and topography,
    • full project management.

Exploitation of hydrometric stations DIREN – PACA

  • Client : Ministry of Environment.
  • End of project : october 2009.
  • Description of project : operation and maintenance of 70 stations throughout the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
  • Brief description of services provided : preventive and corrective maintenance of the river gauging stations. Production of data by supplying the National Hydrometric Bank.
  • Conducted in partnership with : OTT France.

Modernization of management and operation of the Saint Martory Canal

  • Client : Haute Garonne General Council.
  • End of project : december 2012.
  • Description of project : diagnostic and optimised management of the Saint Martory system in order to save water.
  • Brief description of services provided : diagnostic of water uses , outlook for the resource and demand, creation of a digital model of the canal and proposal of development scenarios.

Realization of a laying-up basin of Antibes

  • Client : city of Antibes Juan Les Pins.
  • End of project : august 2012.
  • Description of project : global project management with civil engineering, geotechnics, hydraulics, landscaping and realization of regulatory documents.
  • Brief description of services provided : demolition and asbestos removal, removal of underbrush, earthworks, landscaping.


Master Plan for Northern Alpilles

  • Client : Communauté des communes Rhône Alpilles Durance (CCRAD) - SICAS (syndicat intercommunal du canal des alpines septentrionales).
  • End of project : July 2007.
  • Description of project : Master plan for two drainage systems in an area between the Alpilles, Durance and Rhône undergoing heavy urbanisation.
  • Brief description of services provided : survey of more than 800 km of network to segregate drainage, irrigation, and mixed networks (irrigation and drainage), hydrologic links with the Alpilles Septentrionnales canal. Environmental issues, hydrologic modelling
  • Conducted in partnership with : Maison Régionale de l’Eau (Regional Office for Water).


Restoration program for the Vigueirat waterway

  • Client : city of Arles.
  • End of project : 2006.
  • Description of project : realization of emergency restoration works on the Vigueirat waterway after flooding.
  • Brief description of services provided : elaboration of the consulting contract, procurement and the 4 intellectual services contracts including three project management contracts, 6 contracts for topographic and geotechnical services, underwater inspection and security coordination, administrative and financial management on ten projects of construction.

Modernisation of management of the Boisgelin-Craponne’s waterway and its offtakes

  • Client : Union of Boisgelin – Craponne.
  • End of project : 2003.
  • Description of project : implementation of a discharge management system followed by implementation of remote controlled gate valves at the head of secondary canals. Study of modernization system of water partition between water users' associations.
  • Brief description of services provided : global project management, project studies, consulting of enterprises, management of operations and maintenance, supervision of works.

Study and realization of flood protection works on the Siagne river

  • Client : Cities of Grasse, Cannes and Mandelieu.
  • End of project : 2007.
  • Description of project : flood protection on the Siagne river.
  • Brief description of services provided : hydraulic modeling and feasibility study for facilities, assistance to the client to define the program of works.

FRANCE - La Réunion

Waste water reuse in Le Port city

  • Client : Le Port City
  • End of project : january 2012.
  • Description of project : technical assistance to the project of waste water reuse from the waste water treatment plant of Le Port city (80,000 equivalent inhabitants) in order to irrigate green areas and to provide civil works contractors with treated waste water.
  • Brief description of services provided : engineering services for works and equipment :
    • implementation and monitoring of a pilot test,
    • engineering of the tertiary waste water treatment in the treatment plant,
    • engineering of the treated waste water irrigation systems dedicated to gardens, green areas, stadiums, industries, etc...
    • official documents.
  • Conducted in partnership with : BRLi, SOGREAH, SECMO.


Sectoral Irrigation Project (SIP) – Long-term institutional and technical assistance with project management support

  • Client : Ministry of Agriculture – MARNDR.
  • End of project : 2010
  • Description of project : project management support (PMS), providing assistance to the MARNDR for rehabilitation works on the Archahaie irrigation schemes and construction of small-scale irrigation schemes in Saint-Marc and Montrouis.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • technical assessment of hydraulic infrastructures,
    • additional technical studies required,
    • analysis of technical files and services provided by companies, within the framework of works supervision.
  • Conducted in partnership with : LGL SA Haïti (Groupe SNC Lavalin).

Engineering study of eleven irrigation systems – St Marc-Montrouis area

  • Client : Ministry of Agriculture – MARNDR.
  • End of project : 2007
  • Description of project  :
    • Preliminary phase
      - topography,
      - evaluation grid for the different zones,
      - classification proposal.
    • Preliminary design phase : preliminary design of the 11 rehabilitated systems.
    • Detailed design phase : implementation plan and tender documents for prioritised zones.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • analysis of existing systems,
    • hydrology and hydraulics,
    • design of main weirs and canals.
  • Conducted in partnership with : LGL SA Haïti (Groupe SNC Lavalin).

Restoration of the drinking water system in the city of Grand-Goâve – First project: Production of drinking water

  • Client : DINEPA (Direction Nationale de l’Eau Potable et de l’Assainissement).
  • End of project : august 2010
  • Description of project : technical study for the construction of a drinking water supply infrastructure for the city (tank, treatment plant, wells, delivery and supply pipes).
  • Brief description of services provided : diagnosis of the city's present water supply system - Hydrogeological survey - Water supply project: preliminary design, detailed design, tender documents.


Dynamic Regulation Pilot Project on the MAJALGAON Irrigation Project

  • Client : Department of Irrigation - Government of Maharashtra.
  • End of project : 1997
  • Description of project : selection, study, execution, operation and evaluation of an automatic centralised control project.
  • Brief description of services provided : modelling and supervision of hydraulic studies Definition of instrumentation, remote control and real-time automatic management - Monitoring of the installation and its operation - Evaluation of performances. Modernization of surface irrigation networks.
  • Conducted in partnership with : Central Water Commission (Ministry of Water Resources, Delhi), Irrigation Dept, the Government of Maharashtra - Direction of Irrigation Research and Development.

Remote control of Sardar Sarovar (Narmada canal) and irrigation networks

  • Client : Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL).
  • End of project : 2007.
  • Description of project :
    • remote control of water transportation and distribution,
    • review of previous studies performed on the monitoring and control of canal water transportation,
    • proposal of options for hardware and software for remote management,
    • choice of the solution to be implemented,
  • Conducted in partnership with : E.C.I. (Denver, USA), C.C. PATEL & Associates (Gandhinagar, India), CNR (Lyon France), LHF (Grenoble, France).


Remote control of the King Abdullah Canal 1 & 2

  • Client : Jordan Valley Authority (JVA).
  • End of project : 2002.
  • Description of project  : development and installation of management software enabling flow control by way of motor-operated valves, within the framework of the modernisation of the King Abdullah Canal (KAC) management system.
  • Brief description of services provided : Dynamic regulation implementation study.
  • Conducted in partnership with : ERNO Raumfahrtechnik GmbH (Allemagne), SHAIR Management Services (Jordan).


Rehabilitation of the Markabi, Awali and Joun galleries, and inspection of the Markabi and Awali galleries

  • Client : ONL (Office National du Litani).
  • End of project : 2010.
  • Description of project : hydraulic water-distribution system consisting of several galleries totalling 30 km in length, which proved to have major leaks.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • supervision of commissioned works following an inspection of the galleries performed 4 years earlier,
    • identification of aggravating factors, resulting in the recommendation of further investigations and inspections in order to provide an up-to-date and in-depth analysis, and determine repairs necessary due to the condition of the galleries.
  • Conducted in partnership with : EDG (European Department of Geophysics).


ROCADE CANAL dynamic regulation

  • Client : Office Régional de Mise en Valeur Agricole du HAOUZ, (ORMVAH)
  • Project duration : since 1977
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • comparative studies of various remote control systems, selection,
    • design studies for the selected remote control system (Dynamic Regulation) ,
    • technical assistance for the implementation of the system, together with all maintenance and operation softwares.

Irrigation development study, with a view to reusing treated waste water

  • Date : 2008
  • Description of project : feasibility study and detailed preliminary study of the implementation of an irrigation scheme using lagoon-treated waste water from SETTAT town (population equivalent – 120,000) and mud management.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • feasibility studies : agropedology, environmental, sanitary and socio-economic studies of irrigation using treated waste water, zone management and institutional set-up,
    • detailed preliminary design of irrigation scheme: equipment, hydraulic infrastructures, water users’ association,
    • presentation of project to stakeholders and subsequent debate.
  • Conducted in partnership with : ADI Maroc.


Study of drinking water supply to the Nouakchott agglomeration from the Aftout Essahli project

  • Client : Société Nationale de l'Eau et de l'Electricité (SONELEC), now Société Nationale de l’Eau (SNDE)
  • End of project : 2006
  • Description of project : creation of a 170-km conveyor between the Senegal River and Nouakchott, including pumping stations and water treatment plants.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • project management,
    • design,
    • technical assistance to the owner during construction.
  • Conducted in partnership with : ONEP (Morocco).

2006 – Project management support for the Aftout Essahli project

  • Client : Société Nationale de l’Eau (SNDE).
  • End of project : 2011
  • Description of project  : creation of a 170-km conveyor between the Senegal river and Nouakchott, including pumping stations and treatment plants.
  • Brief description of services provided : project management support for the implementation phase
  • Conducted in partnership with : ONEP (Morocco).

Technical assistance to update the detailed preliminary design and control recalibration works in N’Diorol - 2011


Instrumentation and automation of cross-border irrigation canals

  • Client : Swiss Cooperation Department.
  • End of project : october 2010.
  • Description of project  : improve flow control in the Fergana Valley by strengthening systems for flow measurement and implementing systems for automated control of offtake gates.
  • Brief description of services provided : technical assistance, diagnostic and feasibility studies of automation, supervision of works, creation of guidance documents for future equipment projects intended for the lessor, technical assistance for the lessor to create TOR.


Rehabilitation and extension of water-supply infrastructures for GrandTrincomalee

  • Client : National Water Supply and Drainage Board.
  • End of project : 2012.
  • Description of project  :
    • rehabilitation and extension of water-supply infrastructures for Grand Trincomalee,
    • creation of a new intake point (river intake, pumping station, conveyor),
    • extension of the water treatment plant,
    • extension of distribution networks in the suburbs of Trincomalee,
    • rehabilitation and reinforcement of distribution networks in Trincomalee and Kinniya.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Contract 1 (FASEP financing 2004-2005) :
      feasibility study for improvement of the drinking-water supply to Trincomalee town :
      • estimation of domestic and industrial water demand over a 20-year period,
      • study of 3 development alternatives, together with economic and financial feasibility studies for each alternative.
    • Contract 2 (RPE financing 2006-2012) : Engineering services for complete mobilisation, transportation and treatment of water
      Design studies :
      • Preliminary design and project studies,
      • Preparation of tender documents,
      • Analysis of bids.
      Supervision of works
    • Contracts 3 and 4 (AFD financing - 2006 2012) : engineering services for the rehabilitation and improvement of distribution networks, and water supply to small, isolated villages.
  • Conducted in partnership with : SEM (France) – CECB (Sri Lanka).

Anuradhapura city municipal water supply

  • Client : National Water Supply And Drainage Board (NWSDB) Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • End of project : april 2004.
  • Description of project  : hydraulic system including siphon, pumping station, a 400 l/s treatment plant and a 15 km-long pipe.
  • Brief description of services provided : engineering services: Feasibility study, detailed design, BID documents, works supervision, works commissioning.


Second river basin sector project, Flood protection consulting services

  • Client : Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • End of project : june 2007.
  • Description of project  : technical feasibility, environmental impacts, economic analysis of rehabilitation projects.
  • Brief description of services provided : review of technical, environmental and economic aspects of 10 multipurpose projects located along Red River. Rehabilitation of embankments and dikes protecting large areas of irrigated lands and populated lands. The rehabilitation of every project covers between several hundred meters and 1 kilometer. Most of the projects have a second component which is the rehabilitation and the development of irrigated schemes, each of them over several thousand hectares.
  • Conducted in partnership with : National Company of Rhône & Vietnam, Institute for Water Resources Research.