Water resources references



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Technical and institutional assistance for irrigation

  • End of project : 2003.
  • Description of project : General rehabilitation of irrigation systems in Albania, focussing on improved water management and support for users in the technical, administrative and financial management of their associations.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Review of conditions prior to intervention,
    • Hydraulic modelling,
    • Analysis and audit of management, operation and maintenance practices,
    • On-site training on the different project phases for technicians, operators and users, as well as seminars in France.
  • Conducted in partnership with : Association du Canal Saint Julien (France), Hydromont (Albania).


Technical assistance for rehabilitation of the Stung Chinit irrigation scheme

  • Client : Ministry Of Water Resources And Meteorology.
  • End of project : 2006.
  • Description of project : Located in the central region of Kompong Thmor, 200 km from Phnom Penh, this scheme covers an area of 7,000 ha of irrigable land dedicated to rice growing. Irrigation should guarantee a second annual harvest, and ideally lead to the development of alternative crops.
  • Brief description of services provided : Review of the distribution system under consideration, with a view to providing irrigation water in line with farmers’ demands.
  • Conducted in partnership with : SOGREAH, GRET.


Strengthening of data administration capacity for the assessment and monitoring of transboundary water resources in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

  • Client : French Fund for the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
  • End of project : february 2010.
  • Description of project : setting up of a GEF project on the theme of water data exchange for transboundary water management.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • identification of two pilot areas for the management of transboundary waters,
    • preparation of terms of reference for the project,
    • identification of a client,
    • preparation of the budget,
    • drafting of the document for GEF (project cost - € 800 000).


Assistance for drinking water master plan

  • Client : Grande Comores Government Moroni – Union of Comores.
  • End of project : february 2010.
  • Description of project : diagnosis of drinking water access for Grande Comores people and implementation of a water quality monitoring laboratory in Moroni.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • inventory and mapping of water resources and water requirements,
    • laboratory conception, equipment procurement, training, technical assistance on-going since 2010.
  • Conducted in partnership with : SOGREAH, GRET.


Drinking-water diversification and protection study for the town of Gap

  • Client : City of Gap (05).
  • End of project : 2008.
  • Description of Services provided :
    • Drinking-water diversification and protection study for the town of Gap,
    • Hydrogeological reconnaissance,
    • Inventory of water uses,
    • Preliminary study of conveyors and treatment,
    • Analysis of safety and environmental issues.
  • Conducted in partnership with : BRGM.

Study of water resources on the Buëch river and its tributaries

  • Client : SMIGIBA.
  • End of project : 2009.
  • Description of project : diagnosis, consultations through workshops, formulation of technical proposals.
  • Description of services provided : quantitative study for the management of river samples, technical proposals for reconciling agricultural irrigation needs and preservation of the environment.

Sprinkling of the Spérone golf course in Bonifacio (2A) using effluents from the municipal wastewater treatment plant

  • Client : city of Bonifacio.
  • End of project : 2010.
  • Description of project : regulatory study, Water Act, Natura 2000, in order to limit withdrawals in a context of pressure on water resources and prevent discharge into a sensitive marine environment.
  • Description of services provided : environmental feasibility study, soil analysis and regulatory study of sprinkling the Sperone golf course using treated water from the municipal wastewater treatment plant. Consultation with government departments.

In progress – Study of extraction volumes in the Berre and Tricastrin basins (26 and 84), for the RMC Water Agency

FRANCE - La Martinique

Master plan for irrigation of the south-eastern sector (P.I.S.E.)

  • Client : Martinique Local Government
  • End of project : 2000
  • Description of project : Master plan for development of infrastructure for the transportation, storage, treatment and distribution of water for municipal (200 l/s) and agricultural (5,000 ha) use in the south of the island.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Analysis of technical management of hydraulic infrastructures, rehabilitation program.
    • Economic and tariff diagnosis,
    • Design and comparative analysis of possible scenarios for different levels of delegation of operational missions in the framework of asset and resource management.
  • Conducted in partnership with : Société Française des Risques Majeurs – Grenoble


Study of the design and renewal of a water development and management plan for Martinique – SDAGE MARTINIQUE

  • Client : Comité de Bassin de la Martinique (Martinique Basin Committee)
  • End of project : 2008
  • Description of project : Design of a water development and management plan, active communication and consultation until signature, and subsequent updating.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Summary of data relating to water resources and demand,
    • Determination of objectives following active consultation.
  • Conducted in partnership with : SAFEGE Martinique, Caraïbes Environnement.

FRANCE - La Réunion

East-west water transfer on Réunion island – project management

  • Client : Réunion local government, St Denis de la Réunion
  • Project in progress
  • Description of project : Water transfer project including river intakes and 30 km of galleries to irrigate 6,000 ha in the west of the island.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Engineering services :Design and work supervision of intakes and galleries,
    • Remote control and operating assistance.
  • Conducted in partnership with : BRLi – SECMO.

Safeguarding of water resources and extension of irrigation schemes in the south of La Reunion

  • Client : General Council of Réunion, Saint-Denis de la Réunion.
  • End of project : June 2011
  • Description of project : the project addresses the irrigation schemes located in the south of the Reunion Island: Bras de Ciloas and Bras de la Plaine. The aims of the study are to determine firstly the technical and economic ways to secure the water resources and secondly the possible extension of the schemes.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • data collection: water resources, water requirements (irrigation, domestic water, other uses), condition of structures,
    • modeling of the water balance in 2020 and in 2030,
    • identification of possible extension areas according to agro-economic sustainability,
    • proposal of hydraulic extension schemes,
    • economic analysis of the scheme extensions.
  • Conducted in partnership with : BRL i , CIRAD, Saphir.


Sectoral Irrigation Project (SIP) – Long-term institutional technical assistance and project management support

  • Client : Ministry of Agriculture – MARNDR.
  • End of project : in progress.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    Support for the MARNDR technical assistant, diagnostic missions for local administrations, farmers’ associations and the central facilities of the Ministry, active involvement in discussions with stakeholders, legal support and preparation of bills, and proposal of a long-term action plan for implementing the Ministry’s policy, including the restructuring of certain support services for the farmers
  • Conducted in partnership with : LGL SA Haïti (Groupe SNC Lavalin).

Study and master plan for agricultural intensification in the ARTIBONITE valley

  • Client : Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR).
  • End of project : 2001
  • Description of project : Physical development of hydro-agricultural infrastructures, remote control of canals, organisation of management and institutions, training to enable farmers to participate in management.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Analysis of the hydraulic, institutional and organisational aspects of the irrigation system,
    • Scenarios for the intensification of agricultural production in irrigated areas, and possible extension of these areas,
    • Feasibility study of technical and institutional scenarios chosen by the MARNDR at the end of the first phase,
    • Master plan for agricultural intensification in the Artibonite valley over a 12-year period.
  • Conducted in partnership with : GOPA-CONSEIL (Germany), LGL SA (Haiti).


Integrated management of water resources in the Greater Zab catchment area, Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Client : GOVERNMENT OF KURDISTAN : Ministry of agriculture and water resources, GOVERNORATE : Erbil.
  • End of project : 2011
  • Description of project : Setting up of a technical and regulatory framework allowing for integrated and coordinated management of water resources. The aim is to ensure long-term qualitative and quantitative protection of the resource, whilst simultaneously promoting territorial development. The pilot project was conducted in the « Greater Zab » catchment area, and may be extended to other catchment areas in the future.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Collection and analysis of water data, in order to achieve a balance between water resources and demand at present and over a 20-year period,
    • Analysis of the legal and regulatory context, with a view to possible proposals for adaptation,
    • Implementation of a water-information system to facilitate decision-making and the sharing and consultation of data between ministries,
    • Implementation of a management plan for the catchment area, involving the design of an action plan with prioritised measures for the various water-related sectors,
    • Training programmes to ensure the sustainability of the action plan, based on needs analysis .
  • Conducted in partnership with : BRGM, OIEAU, G2C computer science, AICS protection.

Iraq/Jordan – Engineers training in water management and drip irrigation

  • Client : Natexis.
  • End of project : march 2006.
  • Description of project : training of Iraqi engineers in water savings and management and in drip irrigation practices.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • training in drip irrigation,
    • presentation of tools for live management of water resources on large hydraulic systems.
  • Conducted in partnership with : MREA (Regional Mission of Water and Agriculture).


IOJoV - Optimisation of the Jordan valley irrigation scheme

  • Client : Jordan Valley Authority.
  • End of project : May 2012.
  • Description of project : Technical assistance.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    In the northern part of the Jordan valley, joint optimisation of the irrigation distribution network (rehabilitation of networks, implementation of network reinforcement pipes, optimisation of water schedules, consumption monitoring), and on-farm irrigation techniques (technical assistance to farmers and subsidies to set up efficient local irrigation systems).
  • Conducted in partnership with : MIRRA.


Kosovo Irrigation Rehabilitation Project - Phase 2 (KIRP2)

  • Client : Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD).
  • End of project : 2005
  • Description of project : The KIRP 2 project aims to ensure the long term sustainability of the rehabilitated hydraulic infrastructures and to strengthen the institutions, both at the Irrigation Providers (IPs) and Water User Associations (WUAs) levels.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Providing institutional training and capacity building for the management of Irrigation Providers (IPs) and Water User Associations (WUAs),
    • Assisting WUAs in developing sustainable business plans, including realistic budgets for rehabilitation works at secondary and/or tertiary level,
    • Through the WUAs, training farmers on the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems and promoting the efficient use of water for irrigation,
    • Providing support for restructuring the IPs,
    • Providing technical assistance in the planning of irrigation, the organization of the distribution of water and the maintenance of facilities, resulting in increased efficiency of water usage,
    • Giving practical advice on optimising land productivity through the selection of varied crops and use of water,
    • Providing support to the farming community on the marketability of products to meet consumers’ demands, notably in terms of the type of product, quality, price, packaging and distribution channels.
  • Conducted in partnership with : SOFRECO (France)


Sectorial mission – « Water in Morocco – Strategic priorities and resource arbitration »

  • Client : Agence Française du Développement (French Agency For Development).
  • End of project : september 2007
  • Description of project : review of strategic priorities in the Moroccan field, methodological reflection about arbitration of water resources, based on economic analyses of the cost and value of water.
  • Brief description of services provided :review of strategic priorities, economic analysis for arbitration of water resources in Tensift.


Water charter study of the Niger basin - Phase 1 & 2

  • End of project : 2008
  • Description of project : Water charter study for the 9 states constituting the Niger Basin Authority.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Technical, legal and legislative diagnostics to the scale of each country,
    • Water charter study.


Agricultural water management strategy in Middle East

  • Client : Regional Mission for Water and Agriculture – Amman – Jordan.
  • End of project : october 2007.
  • Description of project : creation and management of an agricultural water management strategy in Middle-East, management of the regional program for planning technical and organizational references.
  • Brief description of services provided :pilot project for optimization of irrigation in the Jordan Valley.

Optimization of irrigation in Jericho

  • Client : Palestinien Farmers Union.
  • End of project : december 2008.
  • Description of project : assistance to the Palestinian Farmers Union and water-users'association to study the conditions of transfer of the irrigation network from local authorities to the association.
  • Brief description of services provided : first mission > technical, financial, and operational diagnostic, production of a summary report. Second mission > production of a roadmap to transfer management.


Project for Integrated Management of Water Resources and Multi-Purpose Development in the Senegal Basin – SDAGE SENEGAL

  • Client : Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du fleuve Sénégal – OMVS.
  • End of project : 2011
  • Description of project : Master plan for water development and management (SDAGE), aimed at extending the strategic guidelines of the Water Charter signed in 2002, and designing a planning tool for sectoral actions, taking account of ecosystem balance.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Updating of inventories of water uses and associated conflicts,
    • Design of a planning tool for sectoral actions.
  • Conducted in partnership with : CACG, CSE, GINGER.

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Water Charter - Training

  • Client : Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du fleuve Sénégal – OMVS.
  • End of project : 2004
  • Description : Training of OMVS staff in :
    • Simulation and optimization of water-resource management,
    • Economic analysis of projects,
    • Multi-criteria analysis of development and project management scenarios.
  • Conducted in partnership with : COYNE & BELLIER (France) and SENAGROSOL (Senegal).

Hydrological monography and flood assessment in the Senegal river catchment area

  • Client : Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du fleuve Sénégal – OMVS.
  • End of project : 2011
  • Description of project : Updating of monography (climatology, hydrometry, hydrology), technical and economic assessment of floods in the Senegal river.
  • Brief description of services provided :
    • Phase 1 : gathering, analysis and presentation of climatological, hydrometric and hydrological characteristics for the entire Senegal river basin.,
    • Phase 2 : technical and economic assessment of floods on the main agglomerations affected (mapping of flood zones, field expertise). Determination of measures to be taken.
  • Conducted in partnership with : IRD (Research Institute for Development) - I-DEV (ex-SENAGROSOL)


Proposal of a program to support the Syrian National Project of Irrigation Modernization in the North-East governorates and in Hama governorate

  • Client : Agence Française de Developpement (French Agency For Development) Damascus.
  • End of project : march 2011.
  • Description of project : proposal of a support program of 18 M€ to the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform to improve the efficiency of the national project of irrigation and drainage modernization in private and public schemes on two levels : irrigation equipment and water management.