Hydraulic infrastructures


Production, storage, transportation and distribution of water

Are you looking for :

  • an expert in the design of water facilities ?
  • a specialist in the operation of infrastructures and networks ?

SCP’s dual competence as designer and operator represents the company’s core business, and enables its engineers and technicians to conduct studies, manage projects and provide expertise for numerous clients in France and abroad, with a full understanding of operational and maintenance-related constraints.

In the context of renovation and modernisation projects, SCP’s wealth of experience in operation and maintenance brings added value right from the design stage.

  • Dams and dikes : Over the past 30 years, SCP has built and/or operated 68 dams and reserves for its own account , and has contributed to more than 120 projects for different clients, both in France and around the world.
  • Hydraulic infrastructures : canals, aqueducts, pipes, networks, reservoirs, pumping stations, water treatment plants, hydroelectric micro-power stations, etc.
  • Regulation, remote management and supervision : Since 1975, SCP has developed its expertise in remote supervision of infrastructures and equipment, using a system known as dynamic regulation.

Today, the company continues to expand and enhance this unique and highly-efficient management system, which is now used by project owners both in France and worldwide.

Flood prevention

Do you wish to :

  • reduce the likelihood of a risk ?
  • control the consequences of a flood ?

Thanks to over twenty years’ experience in this field, SCP has acquired all of the necessary skills :

  • risk simulation and identification,
  • facilities (collectors, basins, etc.),
  • measurements, remote transmission, early-warning systems, etc.

Environmental engineering

For public or private developers wishing to conduct :

  • environmental impact assessment studies,
  • fauna/flora inventories,
  • water resource and intake protection studies,
  • etc.

SCP assists its clients throughout the duration of their projects : definition of the environmental issues at hand, identification of minimum-impact solutions, incidence studies, completion of files and handling of administrative procedures until authorisations have been granted, in accordance with local legislation.

Treatment and reuse of waste water

Objectives :

  • diversifying water resources,
  • allowing waste water from treatment plants to be reused for agricultural irrigation or for watering golf courses and green spaces.

In order to respond to the challenge of coordinated water management in the Provence region and elsewhere, SCP has developed a multi-disciplinary approach regarding Treated Waste Water Reuse projects, and can offer its clients wide-ranging expertise in water treatment and storage, hydraulics and agronomy, as well as sanitary and environmental engineering.


Download the « Reuse of treated waste water » leaflet (pdf file – 173 ko)




It is worth bearing in mind that...

...on account of our reference portfolio, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing has granted SCP all five accreditations for the management and inspection of dikes and dams. Since 29 March 2011, SCP has been authorised to design dikes and dams of all classes, supervise their construction in the capacity of Project manager, and handle all statutory procedures.



Relevant references

  • Morocco : implementation of dynamic regulation on the Rocade canal.
  • Sri Lanka : renovation and extension of water supply infrastructures on the Grand Trincomalee.
  • France : recalibration of the Huveaune river on behalf of the Syndicat Intercommunal de l’Huveaune.


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