Sustainable management


Operation and maintenance are an integral part of the mission granted to SCP, and thus constitute the company’s core activities. Thanks to our wealth of experience and know-how in these fields, we are ideally positioned to provide unique expertise in the fields of operation and maintenance (organisation, methods, procedures, standards), transfer of knowledge, and project support (technical management, delegated management).




Objectives :

  • developing and implementing organisational and operating methods for hydraulic infrastructures and networks
  • providing a remote supervision / automatic control system for water management (dynamic regulation),
  • designing tools for monitoring the performance of hydraulic infrastructures and networks.



Objectives :

  • monitoring and organising infrastructure maintenance. SCP uses a Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management system to process maintenance tasks, maintain traceability, and allocate expenditure to equipment.
  • managing assets granted within the concession by way of a tool which provides statistical analysis and projections in order to evaluate renovation requirements.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

For infrastructure and/or territory managers wishing to :

  • gain a better understanding of their assets,
  • conduct a territorial study,
  • benefit from support in the fields of decision-making, efficiency, relationalship management and communication.

SCP’s team of GIS specialists has over 10 years’ experience in the fields of water management, the environment and regional development, resulting in exceptional know-how and service.

Commercial and financial management of water supply

Objectives :

  • defining and implementing a commercial and financial management structure for bulk water supply,
  • developing specific tools and methods adapted to various facilities and uses.

SCP can offer a wide range of services concerning the technical, administrative and financial management of both hydraulic infrastructures and water supply.

Delegated management of water supply

Objectives :

  • calculating, defining and implementing the management structure of a facilities (operation, maintenance, customer service management),
  • monitoring and assessing the relevant structure,
  • working within the framework of delegated management.

SCP draws on its own management experience to assist delegatees in implementing their structures, and to advise delegators on the definition of specifications and monitoring/evaluation of delegatees.

Irrigation planning

Objective :

  • devising and implementing an irrigation plan adapted to the farmers and their needs

SCP brings its expertise and experience to bear in agronomy and pedology, as well as in calculating water needs, defining and implementing water schedules for surface-water irrigation systems, calculating the structures necessary for irrigation monitoring, creating and organising water user associations with the necessary know-how.

Management of flood protection systems

Do you wish to :

  • rely on a partner with over twenty years’ experience in handling the organisational and technical requirements set out by administrations and local authorities ?

SCP has all the necessary expertise :

  • communication and early-warning systems,
  • backup plans,
  • crisis and post-crisis management.

Relevant references

  • Morocco : study and improvement of operations on the Haouz, Doukkala and Souss-Massa irrigation systems.
  • Haïti : technical assistance to improve management of the Archaie area.
  • Tunisia : analysis of the management of the SECADENORD facility.

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