Water resources


Integrated Management of Water Resources

Objectives :

  • developing and ensuring coordinated management of water and land resources,
  • and ensuring qualitative management of water resources,
  • with a view to maximising economic and social well-being,
  • without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems.

SCP possesses all the expertise required for each stage of the process :

  • information gathering and sharing,
  • communication and consultation,
  • drawing up of master plans and programme scheduling,
  • economic and financial planning tools,
  • talks between countries sharing the same catchment area.

Development plans and water management

You are looking for :

  • recognised expertise in management of water resources and hydraulic infrastructures,
  • the multidisciplinary approach necessary for the implementation of projects with respect to global management of bodies of water : water tables, rivers, streams and their catchment areas,
  • support in drawing up or updating master plans for development and management of land and water.

Through its experience in various countries, SCP has become an expert in analysing water needs and demand for different uses, essential to implement relevant land and water resource planning, and thus contribute to development.

Social management of water

Objectives :

  • organising water management and distribution through consultation with the users,
  • supporting policies which enable farmers’ associations to assume management of hydraulic systems,
  • defining and implementing the organisation of the water users, and helping them to organise and take responsibility for water management..

SCP regularly works in France and abroad, providing long-term support in the handling of issues of social water management. The company has been present in Haïti since 1986, and has assisted projects in Palestine, Jordan and Kosovo. In France, SCP works with Authorised Water User Associations, confronting technical issues, and also dealing with financial, organisational and legal aspects.

Responsible and efficient water use and pricing policies

You are looking to :

  • design and implement a tariff system which encourages customers to use water responsibly,
  • take account of changes in use and demand (use, seasonality, geography, etc.),
  •  ensure that your water service results in financial balance.

Within the framework of its mission as a public water utility, SCP has developed an equitable tariff system which takes into account the specific nature of different water uses, and encourages to responsible and efficient use of the resource. SCP’s expertise in pricing policies is further enhanced by economic studies linked to new hydraulic facilities or infrastructural renovations.

Catchment areas and forest management

Objectives :

  • characterising and protecting catchment areas, in accordance with development objectives,
  • restoring the environment in line with human activity,
  • developing and sustainably managing natural resources (water, land, forests, etc.).

SCP has acquired all the technical expertise necessary to work in this field : hydrology, hydraulics, pedology, forestry, project costing, cartography, etc.

Furthermore, the company has developed excellent forest management skills in the Mediterrannean area :

  • forest management studies (Intermunicipal Plan for Forest Clearing and Management, forestry charter, forest management plans),
  • management of forestry activities,
  • Support for project owners (administrative and financial handling of forestry activities).

River, canal and water-table "contracts"

You are looking to :

  • benefit from methods adapted to working at the catchment-area level,
  • implement a global and coordinated management system for water resources, uses and infrastructures,
  • define a multiannual programme aimed at combining water quality, proper development of the water environment, and balanced management of water resources.

In France, SCP supports project owners, especially ASAs (farmers’ associations), in drawing up and handling these typically French contracts. Thanks to its experience, SCP also helps develop and implement similar tools abroad.

Among our relevant references

  • Haïti : long-term technical, institutional and project management support on behalf of the Sectoral Irrigation Project (SIP),
  • France : diversification and safety plan for drinking water resources for the town of Gap.
  • Senegal : water monography and flood assessment in the Senegal river catchment area.

See all our references.