Tests, analyses and measurements

Physical chemistry and biology of water

Geotechnics and concrete

Metering and flow measurement


Since its creation in 1957, SCP has acquired specific skills in applied topography for hydraulic infrastructures : pipes, dams, galleries, etc. This expertise is used not only in the design of infrastructures, but also to inspect them throughout their operational life.

SCP’s team of experienced specialists handles all aspects of topography, and especially :

  • inspection and monitoring of structures,
  • geodesy : setting up survey triangulations,
  • subterrannean works : monitoring of galleries,
  • topographical plans,
  • infrastructure surveys.

Download the topography leaflet (pdf file – 196 ko).


In order to better manage the Canal de Provence infrastructure, SCP benefits from a large regional network of flow and rainwater measurements. Its techniques have since been adopted by numerous other authorities in charge of catchment areas or infrastructures.

Our team of specialists offers their services in the following fields :

  • design and operation of measuring stations for rivers and canals,
  • flow measurements to calibrate sections of water,
  • data processing and analysis.

Physical models

A 650 m2 platform has been specially designed to accommodate scale models at the Hydraulic Measurements Laboratory (HML). It is supplied with a flow rate of 500 l/s.

Scale models make it possible to improve the design of hydraulic infrastructures with complex flow patterns : dam spillways, river intakes, scouring of structure bases, vessels, energy dissipators, siphons, discharge facilities, gates, etc. In some cases, scale models can be combined with 2D or 3D digital models which allow for more comprehensive analyses. Furthermore, they can be used to accurately measure the hydraulic performance of infrastructures, such as spillway flow laws or orifice flow laws.

For almost 30 years, SCP has contributed to the design of numerous hydraulic infrastructures thanks to its scale-model platform, for projects both in France and abroad.

Digital modelling

Where water is concerned, numerous phenomena can be digitally modelled. SCP implements models for :

  • pipe flows and distribution networks,
  • transitory flows in networks and pipes, with a view to defining water-hammer protection measures,
  • open-channel flows in canals, in order to determine the most suitable regulation methods, among other things,
  • stream and river flows based on 1D (one-dimensional flow) or 2D (two-dimensional flow) modelling,
  • sediment transport in water courses
  • 3D flows in special infrastructures.

Furthermore, SCP also has the means to calibrate such models, i.e. to make in-situ measurements in order to set various parameters (such as the roughness of surfaces), which allows the model’s results to accurately reflect field measurements.